Plone: ValueError: undefined property 'default_view'

Recently I have spent too much time trying to solve the error "ValueError: undefined property 'default_view'" while moving an old archetype product from Plone 2.1 site to an ATContentType product using dynamic views for Plone 4.

I had taken time to reproduce the design of ATContentTypes content replicating what had been done in and products but still have this error each time I was trying to install my new content type, named ShopProduct.

Looking at ShopProduct.xml in profiles/defaukt/types everything was OK compared to Event.xml, I had properly declared my meta_type as "Factory-based Type Information with dynamic views", but this error was always coming back each time I was pushing the "Install" button in portal_quickinstaller.

Finally, I realized that in profiles/default/types.xml my content type was always declared using meta_type="Factory-based Type Information"
So, I've moved it from:

 <object name="ShopProduct" meta_type="Factory-based Type Information"/>


 <object name="ShopProduct" meta_type="Factory-based Type Information with dynamic views"/>

And it was ok.

My Goodness, was a stupid an disturbing error...

Hope it will prevent you from spending so much time on the same issue.

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