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Publish your Pelican blog on Github pages via Travis-CI

This blog is powered by Pelican, and until recently I have rendered the HTML pages
on my local machine and published them on a personal server via SSH.

Most of the time, I used to forget pushing the raw files on Github. Therefore automatizing
the publishing process based on commits looked like a good idea :)

The strategy is :

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Django : Create a QuerySet from a list, preserving order

I thought it would be an easy one, but found myself lost with 34 opened tabs
on stackoverflow...

The problem : keep it ordered

Usually, obtaining a QuerySet from a list is quite simple :

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Generate office documents with Django

In our recent Django projects, we had to create documents (Libre/OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, PDF...),
and therefore created two components :

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GeoDjango maps with Leaflet

A short introduction to web mapping with Django, using two very simple
applications: django-leaflet and django-geojson, by Makina Corpus.

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Deploy Django projects using git push

Deploying stuff in one command is becoming the Holy Grail of development,
with currently ten times more blog articles than Medieval crusades :)

I could not miss the opportunity to write mine !

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Embed Daybed forms

A brief article to introduce backbone-daybed, a few
helpers to render Web forms for Daybed models.

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Use PostGIS topologies to clean-up road networks

This article gives a few basics to get started with using the PostGIS topology extension.

We will take avandtage of topologies to clean-up a real topological road network, coming from Toulouse OpenData files.

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News about Subtivals

Subtivals was used successfully in movie festivals in Cyprus, and that
makes us happy ! And we regularly receive demands for Subtivals installers
accross the globe ! The great unicode support of Subtivals (provided natively by Qt)
makes it a great tool for movie subtitling on the international scene !

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Drape lines on a DEM with PostGIS

This article gives a few SQL commands to drape 2D geometries on a DEM (Digital Elevation Model), in order to obtain 3D geometries.
We use PostGIS 2, and its rasters support especially.

Load your DEM

Assuming you have a DEM compatible with GDAL, you can easily load the raster into the database using these commands.

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Test your Leaflet applications with Mocha

Pretty much like n1k0, I feel like I had learned Javascript three or four times, from the alert() back in 1997 to this article about automatic testing.

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