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Drupal: Mongodb statistics module published

Just a few words, as I 've other some things to do. I've just published a development version of mongodb-statistics on github.

This module is a first try on replacing heavy MySQL operations done by the core statistics module

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Separate cache Backends with Drupal6 and Drupal7

Drupal use a lot of caches at different levels but all of them are by default stored in the database.

In this article we'll study how to push all these caches in better places.

The default situation

Take your Drupal Database and check what are the cache tables used, here I'll use a quite basic default Drupal installation on Drupal6:

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Install Drupal in php-fpm (fastcgi) with Apache and a chroot php-fpm

Using PHP-fpm is a way to push PHP execution outside of Apache, one of the main reasons to use it is freeing memory usage of PHP in the apache processes and allowing usage of a threaded Apache server. In this article we'll explain what this sentence means :-) and will detail installation and configuration of php-fpm for a Drupal project.

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Tune your php settings for Drupal


In this article we'll study how to tune the php.ini settings for a Drupal host, how to manage variations of theses settings per Virtalhosts, and of course how to do it without the ugly .htaccess files.

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Better rewriteRules for Drupal

Drupal comes with a default set of Rewrite Rules in the .htaccess file given by the project. In this article I'll try to provides some recipes for an enhanced mod-rewrite set.

  • getting rid of .htaccess
  • forbid usage of direct requests to index.php?q=foo (when clean url is activated)
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Requêtes récursives avec PostgreSQL 8.4 (WITH RECURSIVE)

Si vous avez déjà touché à un Oracle vous connaissez peut-être le mot clef CONNECT BY qui permet d'effectuer des requêtes arborescentes.

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Nice Webapps and tools using canvas

Doing some research on HTML5/Canvas usage I found theses tools on the web:

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More on Static file redirector

So On a previous blog entry http://www.makina-corpus.org/blog/use-rewritemap-prevent-proxying-some-s... I presented the base for a rewriteRule settings to serve some targeted plone static files directly from apache and without proxying to Plone. No let's make this solution even better.

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Use RewriteMap to prevent proxying for some static contents

Let's say we would like to prevent an application server to serve static content. And let's take a complex example, Plone. Plone is a Zope based application server and is not using a clean url-map for static contents. We'll take plone as an example but it's not the only app which is not handling static files outside general uri-application-mapping.

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Relative/Absolute URL and Proxies

If you develop a web application you'll come soon at the moment of building your URLs.

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