Embed Daybed forms

A brief article to introduce backbone-daybed, a few
helpers to render Web forms for Daybed models.

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GEFI nous confie la création de son site internet

Capture d’écran 2013 07 15 à 22.56.47 GEFI nous confie la création de son site internet En tant que spécialiste reconnu des études et de la maî

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Création site e-commerce Tik et Flak

Création du site e-commerce de la marque Tik et Flak

Notre agence web a conçu et réalisé pour la société Tik et Flak, fabrication de vêtements pour enfants, la création du site e-commerce sous Magento, son webdesign, son logo ainsi que la mise en place d’un blog sous wordpress.

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Use PostGIS topologies to clean-up road networks

This article gives a few basics to get started with using the PostGIS topology extension.

We will take avandtage of topologies to clean-up a real topological road network, coming from Toulouse OpenData files.

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Recherche module Drupal désespérément (desperately seeking drupal modules)

Une requête Google personnalisée pour trouver rapidement des modules Drupal / A customized Google query to quickly find Drupal modules.
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News about Subtivals

Subtivals was used successfully in movie festivals in Cyprus, and that
makes us happy ! And we regularly receive demands for Subtivals installers
accross the globe ! The great unicode support of Subtivals (provided natively by Qt)
makes it a great tool for movie subtitling on the international scene !

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PHP 5.3 sur Debian Wheezy

Première installations de Debian Wheezy et premiers besoins de "bidouiller" un peu. J'ai donc besoins d'installer PHP en version 5.3 alors que dans les paquets Wheezy PHP est en version 5.4 : # apt-cache show php5 Package: php5 Version: 5.4.4-14 …

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Use coveralls.io on your Plone package

Why would you need coveralls.io?

coveralls.io is a nice cloud service which tracks your code coverage. It is free for opensource projects.

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Very late announce of libmodbus v3.1.0

OK last year, I've silently released libmodbus v3.1.0 and it's never too late to announce it!

libmodbus 3.1.0 (2012-05-22)

Major changes to handle many slaves in RTU mode, non blocking connections and
RTS flow control.

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New libmodbus v3.0.4

New stable release v3.0.4:

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