System Theme 6.x-1.0 module released

Yamm 6.x-1.0-BETA1 has been released

The first official supported version of Yamm has been released1.

This version is identical to the one we use in pre-production environment for some projects. You will have no surprises using it.

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Yamm development

I am currently writing a mass synchronization module for Drupal, based on eavy objects abstraction.
I will not describe it here, you can read the project page which describe pretty well how it works.

I wanted to do some notes about development context, and some other stuff.

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Howto nicely theme Drupal node form

Drupal node form is not the most exciting user experience that Drupal may propose. If you are an experienced user, there is no need to worry, but in most cases, the sites you'll make with Drupal will be stupid end-user oriented.

With some minor custom theme alteration, you can easily provide the exact same form, but more "Wordpress-like", understand here, with a better organization and a more trivial visual schema.

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Howto fix Drupal's update.php when $_REQUEST is denied by a paranoid sysadmin

I dont know how much people get to this problem, but one thing is sure: when you have a paranoid sysadmin, you might encounter some surprises with PHP and globals.

The annoying case is here when you restrict PHP to the maximum you can, you can't access to the $_REQUEST superglobal.

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Drupal 5 modules release !

Crank yankers Yay

Working on a wide drupal site project, I had to make some custom modules, feeting to my needs. After some monthes, I finaly have stable releases for most of them, so I intend to release them to the community.

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Migration d'un site SPIP vers Drupal 1/3

Update on February the 12th, 2010 : I'd advise to all people that stopped here googling the web about Spip to Drupal migration that they should consider looking at the concurrent spip2drupal Drupal project.

The last time I really did work on my own implementation was two years ago. I think you should not rely on my for this job.

Note for spip2drupal Drupal project developers : I can share what I did, and I think I did dawn robust code because I was working on a Spip site which live something like 5 or 6 Spip major upgrades, with a totally messed up database which means I had to handle *a lot* of edge cases.
I was originally using the Image Drupal project to handle Spip images, which is not anymore a recommended solution so my code is outdated; but it still remains a lot of work to handle different text encodings, database and encodings inconsistent states, and such things, so if you need help, ask me.

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Méfiez vous surtout des URL absolues ! :) (bis, ter, et fini après)

Après avoir fait un patch très moche, m'être fait incendier par le mainteneur du module, j'ai décidé de réfléchir plus et d'introspecter plus loin pour voir d'où venait mes problèmes. Et j'ai trouvé, voici l'explication en couleurs !:

file_create_url() à tout cassé, parce que:

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Drupal et filtres: méfiez vous des caches (et surtout des URL absolues) !

Au cours de mes mésaventures avec Drupal, le module Image et les différents comportements des caches, j'ai fini par trouver la vraie cause de mes problèmes.

Pour récapituler mon précédent billet, mon problème était que certaines images affichées dans mes contenus Drupal avaient une URL en dur, ce qui provoquait des erreurs quand on changeait de site (donc de nom de domaine).

Pour comprendre le problème, il faut connaitre le contexte, j'ai donc:

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Drupal et filtres: méfiez vous des caches (et des images) !

Un bug étrange semble survenir lorsqu'on utilise le module Image de Drupal: lors de l'affichage de certaines images, le rendu calcule un chemin absolu (comprenant le nom de domaine).

Dans l'absolu, ce n'est pas un problème, sauf quand on transfert un site complet avec sa base de donnée sur un nouveau serveur, avec un nouveau nom de domaine.

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