Feedback on GNOME 3.0

After 5 months with GNOME 3.0, I'm really happy with the experience. At the end of work day,
my mind is no more exhausted of windows placement fighting and application finding.

GNOME 3.0 is really stable, except with the Open Source driver on my Radeon 5870 (4 crashes in 2 months).

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coreutils is a really active project

I'm impressed by the activity of the coreutils project (unix commands such as ls, df, etc). At first glance, you might think command line tools are written for good and only few changes are applied to ensure compatibility with the platforms. With several releases a year and new features for each, it's really an active project indeed.

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Tip for python-mode with Emacs

If you expect 'Alt + d' wil only remove the first part 'foo_' of 'foo_bar' with the great python-mode, you can make this change to python-mode.el:

- (modify-syntax-entry ?\_ "w" py-mode-syntax-table)
+ (modify-syntax-entry ?\_ "_" py-mode-syntax-table)

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libmodbus v2.9.4 is out!

This minor release contains many new features with IPv6 support, documentation (man and HTML), error recovery modes and small API changes. I'm intend to release the version 3.0 so I need feeback from this release even more if you use libmodbus on Windows or MacOS X (check nanosleep support for example).

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La DjangoCong 2011 est terminée

Grâce à Makina Corpus, j'ai pu assister à nouveau à la DjangoCong.

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The libmodbus documentation has landed

You've been numerous to ask for documentation and the work of gass with GTK-doc help me to prioritize it, so this month I've finally tackled this problem but not as expected!

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Les premières images d’Android 3.0 me rappellent quelque chose

Le site Ars Technica nous offre ce matin un avant goût du futur Android 3.0.

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Dynamic OR’d Queryset Creation with Django

To complete posts and comments published on Elf Sternberg's blog, this is the method I found to create dynamic complex queryset with Django (Q and or):

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libmodbus v2.9.3 is out!

During this development cycle, I've received more feedback than for any other releases. That's really cool, thank you! With this new release, you can consider to migrate from the previous 2.0.x series for your applications.

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libsoup and Django

If you need to interface C code with a Django app, you should consider to use libsoup. It's a nice HTTP client/server library based on GObject and integrated with the glib main loop.

This is the code I used to authenticate with libsoup against my Django application (and the code is similar for any forms):

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