libmodbus for Arduino (almost!)

The libmodbus project is a real success on many platforms and to conquer the world, I've written a version dedicated to Arduino devices. My goals are:

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New IRC channel

I've just registered #libmodbus channel on Freenode, so let's talk!

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The libmodbus documentation has landed

You've been numerous to ask for documentation and the work of gass with GTK-doc help me to prioritize it, so this month I've finally tackled this problem but not as expected!

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libmodbus v2.9.3 is out!

During this development cycle, I've received more feedback than for any other releases. That's really cool, thank you! With this new release, you can consider to migrate from the previous 2.0.x series for your applications.

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New libmodbus 2.9.2 with win32 support and backends

OK, I don't care about Windows but I'm happy libmodbus offers a bit of Open Source to this platform so thank you to Tobias Doerffel for this contribution. The other major change is the use of an internal backend to isolate the transport layers (only serial RTU and TCP/IPv4 for now).

libmodbus 2.9.2 (2010-12-05)

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Current Tranformer

At home or at work, you probably have spotlights which indicate only 20W or 35W of power consumption, but sadly these spotlights are powered by continuous current and so they require a current transformer (hidden in the ceiling, a cupboard or a hood) which in turn consumes around 40W.

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New website for libmodbus project

The libmodbus project has now its own website

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