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Feedback on GNOME 3.0

After 5 months with GNOME 3.0, I'm really happy with the experience. At the end of work day,
my mind is no more exhausted of windows placement fighting and application finding.

GNOME 3.0 is really stable, except with the Open Source driver on my Radeon 5870 (4 crashes in 2 months).

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Tip for python-mode with Emacs

If you expect 'Alt + d' wil only remove the first part 'foo_' of 'foo_bar' with the great python-mode, you can make this change to python-mode.el:

- (modify-syntax-entry ?\_ "w" py-mode-syntax-table)
+ (modify-syntax-entry ?\_ "_" py-mode-syntax-table)

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v3.0.1 to avoid ".0" problems

A dot zero isn't a dot zero without few problems, so I've released libmodbus v3.0.1 to fix problems with non-recent Linux kernels and other platforms.

libmodbus 3.0.1 (2011-07-18)

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Magic libmodbus 3.0.0 is out

OK, the new stable release of libmodbus is finally out! Only 2 years after libmodbus v2.0.3 and 400 commits, I'm happy to release this new version which contains many changes to improve the API and enhance the Modbus protocol conformity. The major features of this release are:

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Zope, Plone, ZcxOracleDA et les retours chariots Windows...

Les erreurs remontées par Oracle
DatabaseError: ORA-06550, ce qui signifie qu'il y a une erreur de compilation côté Oracle, or d'après de nombreuses vérifications, tous les packages, triggers, etc. sont bien compilés dans la base de données.

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Pour l'Open Data à Toulouse

L'opendata (données ouvertes), c'est quoi ?

Ce sont toutes les données publiques, non nominatives et qui ont pour vocation d'être rendues accessibles à la société civile.

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Not compliant device can be time consuming!

Travis Atkinson of Com-Pac Filtration and me have worked together to find out why the HMI of Weintek Labs I-Series, with Ethernet, answered only to request sent by the modpoll program (proprietary software).

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La DjangoCong 2011 est terminée

Grâce à Makina Corpus, j'ai pu assister à nouveau à la DjangoCong.

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libmodbus for Arduino (almost!)

The libmodbus project is a real success on many platforms and to conquer the world, I've written a version dedicated to Arduino devices. My goals are:

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New IRC channel

I've just registered #libmodbus channel on Freenode, so let's talk!

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