Understanding Zope Database Adaptaters

Understanding Zope Database Adaptaters

This document tries to explain how Zope Database adaptaters are working.

Recently I have worked on two Zope database adaptaters: One for PostgreSQL (ZPsycoPGDA) and the other for Oracle (ZcxOracleDA).

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HOWTO install Oracle 11g on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) 64bits

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Before starting

Since release 11.10 it is more difficult to install Oracle 64bits on Ubuntu.

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Zope, Plone, ZcxOracleDA et les retours chariots Windows...

Les erreurs remontées par Oracle
DatabaseError: ORA-06550, ce qui signifie qu'il y a une erreur de compilation côté Oracle, or d'après de nombreuses vérifications, tous les packages, triggers, etc. sont bien compilés dans la base de données.

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Plone Unified Installer and ZcxOracleDA

Steps required

  • Oracle installation
  • cx_Oracle installation in the python used by Zope/Plone. Don't forget to test your connectivity with the Oracle database:
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How to install Oracle 10g and Tora on GNU Linux Ubuntu Karmic 9.10

Installing Oracle 64 bits
See this wonderfull howto written by Gaël Pegliasco which explains how to install Oracle 10g 64 bits.

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How to install Oracle 10g (Full 64 bits version, not XE) and Tora on GNU Linux Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 (64 bits version)

Why installing Oracle 64 bits

Ubuntu provides a nice and easy tutorial for installing Oracle 10 XE on 32 bits systems, thats works also on 64bits sytems, but:

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Connecting to Oracle with SQLAchemy and very simple Plone integration


 SQLAlchemy installationcx_oracle See for the good version, depending on your Python and Oracle versions.

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