Use on your Plone package

Why would you need is a nice cloud service which tracks your code coverage. It is free for opensource projects.

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Error compiling lxml for plone/FreeBSD 64: src/lxml/lxml.etree.c:1380: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before xmlRelax

Recently I had to install Plone on a freshly installed FreeBSD 9 system having Intel Core i5-2400 CPU.
It is always a little bet to install Plone on FreeBSD as there is often a system parameter or GCC option to set manually.

This time Plone built was failing on the lxml installation:

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Diazo: Copying all element content but one into theme and moving this one into another element of theme

Recently I ave to update a Plone theme based on the diazo/

The problem was this one: Replacing all the content of theme element '#portal-column-content' by all the content of content element having the same id but #socialtools. And copying the content of #socialtools into theme #tools

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Étiquettes: XSLTApplyError: Variable 'anonymous' has not been declared

Sometimes it is not your day.

In the TV Series 'Mordicus has failed again spending too much time solving a stupid error" I have recently encountered the error "XSLTApplyError: Variable 'anonymous' has not been declared" when trying to use my freshly created "$anonymous" parameter defined in manifest.cfg of my new diazo theme.

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Understanding Zope Database Adaptaters

Understanding Zope Database Adaptaters

This document tries to explain how Zope Database adaptaters are working.

Recently I have worked on two Zope database adaptaters: One for PostgreSQL (ZPsycoPGDA) and the other for Oracle (ZcxOracleDA).

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Plone: ValueError: undefined property 'default_view'

Recently I have spent too much time trying to solve the error "ValueError: undefined property 'default_view'" while moving an old archetype product from Plone 2.1 site to an ATContentType product using dynamic views for Plone 4.

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A quel prix devient-on vraiment pluggable ?

Cet article fait suite au mail de Chris McDonough

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Collaborative mapping and access controls

    How to have a web interface where users could not only have a look at thematic maps but also edit (add/modify/delete) geographical data according to their rights ? For instance imagine the team A which works for the nature conservation and the team B whose leisure is the hunting.

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Plone sous Jenkins en 24/7 vient d'être récemment mis en service, il fait tourner 7 jours sur 7 et 24 heures sur 24 tous les tests de Zope, Plone et ses composants sur un serveur d'intégration continue Jenkins.

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Toulibre et Makina Corpus présentent Plomino le 16 mars 2011

Toulibre est un repère de libristes où il fait bon traîner, pour les toulousains. Cette association de promotion des Logiciels Libres

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