Use PostGIS topologies to clean-up road networks

This article gives a few basics to get started with using the PostGIS topology extension.

We will take avandtage of topologies to clean-up a real topological road network, coming from Toulouse OpenData files.

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Drape lines on a DEM with PostGIS

This article gives a few SQL commands to drape 2D geometries on a DEM (Digital Elevation Model), in order to obtain 3D geometries.
We use PostGIS 2, and its rasters support especially.

Load your DEM

Assuming you have a DEM compatible with GDAL, you can easily load the raster into the database using these commands.

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Cheap debugging of PostgreSQL triggers in Django

Lately, we were hacking on PostgreSQL (PostGIS) triggers, and we quickly felt
like debugging our code... Here is a cheap and quick way of printing out
triggers variables and context through Django.

PostgreSQL server configuration

In postgresql.conf, adjust the minimum level of notice sent to the client :

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PostGIS data in C++ using GDAL and Qt

Original post at Makina Corpus

I did not find any ready-to-use snippets on the Web on this matter, so if
you are lucky enough, you'll find this one.

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