Understanding Zope Database Adaptaters

Understanding Zope Database Adaptaters

This document tries to explain how Zope Database adaptaters are working.

Recently I have worked on two Zope database adaptaters: One for PostgreSQL (ZPsycoPGDA) and the other for Oracle (ZcxOracleDA).

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Cheap debugging of PostgreSQL triggers in Django

Lately, we were hacking on PostgreSQL (PostGIS) triggers, and we quickly felt
like debugging our code... Here is a cheap and quick way of printing out
triggers variables and context through Django.

PostgreSQL server configuration

In postgresql.conf, adjust the minimum level of notice sent to the client :

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Requêtes récursives avec PostgreSQL 8.4 (WITH RECURSIVE)

Si vous avez déjà touché à un Oracle vous connaissez peut-être le mot clef CONNECT BY qui permet d'effectuer des requêtes arborescentes.

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Not utf-8 by default

On Ubuntu 10.04 (tested on server and desktop editions), the PostgreSQL database created by default, uses the SQL_ASCII encoding!
It's not possible to create new utf-8 databases so check the encoding with psql -l as PostgreSQL user and you can use the following radical way (drop everything) to fix this:

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minitage 1.0 is out

I did not find the time earlier to post about it.

Minitage 1.0 is out for a week now.

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6 nice things not know enough about PostgreSQL

With the new PostgreSQL server versions in place (8.2 and 8.3) and in a more general way with the 8.x series some nice fonctionnalities have benn added. Let's have a short look at som interesting ones: FILLFACTOR=50/Id on INSERT/TOAST FIELDS/TABLE INHERITANCE/TABLE PARTITIONNING/NOTIFY and LISTEN

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