Ubuntu/Mint/Debian systems: finding and re-installing removed packages

Sometimes it is really not your day.

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HOWTO install Oracle 11g on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) 64bits

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Before starting

Since release 11.10 it is more difficult to install Oracle 64bits on Ubuntu.

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Two major Unity design failures

A great advantage of global menus is the ease of pointing them with the mouse.

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Fedora user again

I was a Fedora user until Fedora Core 6 but the second Ubuntu distribution was a really nice experience so I made the jump (fast packaging system, huge repo, etc).
Since 9.04 (or just before) I have been annoyed by the notification system NotifyOSD, I find disturbing to blur (or hide w/o compositing) the message on mouseover and the popup doesn't provide contextual actions. The Ayatana project get Ubuntu away from the upstream development (many patches to integrate libindicate, etc).

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